"Setbacks" b/w "Summer Jobs" Physical CD Single: CD
  • "Setbacks" b/w "Summer Jobs" Physical CD Single: CD
  • "Setbacks" b/w "Summer Jobs" Physical CD Single: CD
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"Setbacks" b/w "Summer Jobs" Physical CD Single: CD

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Imagine FATS DOMINO jamming with MICK RONSON and BOB DYLAN... I give you "SETBACKS!" A self-produced / written / performed single that features some of my best glam guitar work in awhile.

Lyrically, everything goes wrong financially, so here is a fun recount of my money nightmare! I'm sure you can all relate, and will certainly have your own financial woes to commiserate about as we sing together on the choruses... "All these setbacks... All these setbacks... that get in the way!"

"SUMMER JOBS" offers a new twist on the classic summertime work doldrums... a middle finger to the bosses and authority killjoys that conspire to suck the fun out of our teenage summer breaks! A retro vibe inspired by The Animals, The Doors, and Mitch Ryder.

Enjoy these 2 tracks built by Working Class hands... Dedicated to my Working Class fans. Just in time for LABOR DAY 2021.

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