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In observance of the loss of John Lennon 40 years ago this very month, and in the spirit of Giving Tuesday, I offer you "DECEMBER 1980", an unreleased piano 'n voice demo available FREE and ONLY thru my website for my fans for a limited time. (DOWNLOAD BEFORE 12/31/2020) Merry Christmas, Joe


Last night,
Out in the frost,
I walked in the moonlight,
Under the starlight,
My brother and I.

We hurried through the trees,
Of icicled mem'ries,
Out in the cold,
We were so bold!

But, not quite as old yet,
Still searching for ourselves
Out in the woods
Of New Jersey.

Snow glistening under our feet,
So far from our home and the streets.

We ran away,
For ever and a day,
At least in our own way,
We'd never go back.

But, now looking back,
I was so naive
on that lost Christmas Eve,
To think I could relieve
The whole world of the pain of
That sad December,
And the news of
John Lennon's murder,

By drinking away
The feelings of loss and
The grief and the longing
That never would leave,
And still I believe it's all just a bad dream.

I believe it's all just a bad dream,

I believe it's all just a bad dream,

Still believe it's all just a bad dream.

copyright 2020 Joe Normal