Artist                                    Title                                    Year     Label


Derrick Anderson           A World Of My Own               2017   Omnivore Recordings


Joe Normal                      Crude Folk                        2015   Rankoutsider Records


The Conductors            Good Conduct                       2014    Train Wreckords


Joe Normal                    The Hutch Years, Vol IV         2014    The Hutchinson Library


Joe Normal                    The Hutch Years, Vol III         2014    The Hutchinson Library


Joe Normal                    The Hutch Years, Vol II          2014    The Hutchinson Library


Joe Normal                    The Hutch Years, Vol I           2014    The Hutchinson Library


The Conductors            Sun, Sun, Sun                          2013    Train Wreckords


The Conductors            ABC (Alphabet Song)                2013    Train Wreckords


The Conductors            This Little Song                        2013    Train Wreckords


The Conductors            Mama Don't Allow (No Rockin')   2013    Train Wreckords 


Joe Normal                    Valentine                                  2013    The Hutchinson Library


The Zeros                      Planet Zero                               2013    Blammy Bros.


Cold Blue Rebels           Love Of The Undead                 2013   Horror High Records


Cold Blue Rebels           Halloween Music & Sounds        2012    Goldenlane Records


Cold Blue Rebels           Psychobilly Goes Pop                2012   Cleopatra Records


Cold Blue Rebels           For Those About To...               2012   Mentors Records


Cold Blue Rebels           Halloween Rockabilly & Psychobilly 2011  Rock-A-Billy Rec


Cold Blue Rebels           Rockabilly & Psychobilly Madness   2011  Rockabilly Records


Cold Blue Rebels           Blood, Guts & Rock n Roll          2011  Horror High Records


HUTCH / Joe Normal      Pink Butterfly                         2010  The Hutchinson Library 


The Conductors             Pick Up Time                                2010  Bright Orange Records


The Hutchinsons            Everlution I                                   2010  RTG (Nashville)


The Hutchinsons            Everlution II                                  2010  RTG (Nashville)


Curd                                Nobody Else                                  2009  ION


HUTCH                           Lemonheads Tribute                  2008  Double D Rec's (UK)


The Conductors           Navigating The Spectrum             2008  Bright Orange Records


HUTCH                           Hollylake & Silverwood            2008  Rankoutsider Records


George Fisher                 Pure                                  2007  Galactic Radio


HUTCH                        Just Another Folkin’…                 2006   The Hutchinson Library


The Zeros                       Cut Rate Metal                              2006   Blammy Bros.


HUTCH                           Save The Roo’s                             2004    Artistscoop


HUTCH                           Turn It Around                               2002    Smile Records


Sammy Hagar                 Not 4 Sale                                     2002    33rd Street Records


Lords of the New Church   Lords Prayers II, “Mister MX-7”   2002     NMC Music


Slow Motorcade               Sex, Drags & Rock n Roll             2002     Cargo Records


The Zeros                        From The "O"... Vaults            2000              Blammy Bros.


HUTCH                             HUTCH EP                  1999      The Hutchinson Library


Friends of Dean Martinez  Atardecer                                      1999      Knitting Factory


The Hutchinsons              Plastic Fruit & Popcorn                    1997       RTG (Nashville)


The Hutchinsons              The Hutchinsons, EP                       1996      RTG (Nashville)


The Hutchinsons              Blackout L.A., “Elizabethtown”    1993      Homeboy Records


The Zeros                          Names, Volume I                           1992      Restless Records


The Zeros                          4,3,2,1… The Zeros                         1991      Restless Records


Stiv Bators & The Zeros    Tapeheads, “Mister MX-7”           1987      Island Records


The Double “O” Zeros       Be A Zero                                     1985      Mountain Records


The Double “O” Zeros       Why Wait For Christmas (various) 1985 Mountain Records


The Double “O” Zeros       Howard Stern Theme Song       1984      WNBC Radio (NY)


The Double “O” Zeros       Pretty Women/Another Girl       1983      Fred’s Records

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