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The Hutch Years... Volume II

by Joe Normal

Released 2014
The Hutchinson Library
Released 2014
The Hutchinson Library
A steady-selling underground power pop CD that touches the same nerves as Cheap Trick, The Smithereens, Big Star, and The Who. Give this one a couple listens to grow on ya. It'll never leave the stereo.
4.0 out of 5 stars "WAIT FOR IT TO CLICK PEOPLE!"...4.5 stars!!!
By S. R.
Format:Audio CD
Just found this effort a couple months back. after one or two listens I thought it had potential, but not very much. A few songs and hooks stood out but the songs didn't seem memorable. Then after about the fourth play ( over two weeks) it suddenly clicked. Melodies that seemingly weren't there appeared and they were good.....really good. Then the guitar started to click and the chops that were hidden in the mix before, starting sinking in....and it was good. Overall the album hits hard with lots of power-pop-type melodies, Hutch has a killer guitar tone, very sweet, and the rythm section is very musical, very tight. The melodies take a while to sink in, but then again the most lasting albums usually take a while to click. This is pop in it's purest and best form. The best cuts are the title track, "so spaced out" (with its funky wah and killer drums), the robust "Leaving Hollywood", "I don't belong" "something about you" (with a wonderful melody) and the slow burn of "Stay with Me". These are bonified killer melodies, and there is virtuallyu no filler to be had. I cannot say enough of how good this unheralded effort is. Production is bright and sparse...just guitar bass and drums. I'll wager this trio burns up the stage in live performances. I'll recommend this to anyone, even though I've just discovered it this Spring it's been this year's best pickup for my collection. Some may think this is formula, and it is..... it's Hutch's formula, the guy knocks it out of the park with this effort.

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